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My Top 4 Yoga Tools For Building Immunity

We have come to the time of year where we are more likely to suffer with illness, whether it be a common cold or the dreaded flu.  And of course, at the time of writing this we are still in the midst of the covid 19 epidemic.  So how can we protect our health as …

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Boost Your Health This Autumn Using Yoga and a little help from Nature

Autumn, time to welcome in the cooler weather. Learning how to adapt our yoga practice, lifestyle habits and diet can help us stay healthy and well, and may help prevent us from catching that niggling cold as the cooler months draw in.  Read on to find out how. According to Chinese Medicine, there are five …

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3 Simple Tools (Taken from Yoga And Traditional Chinese Medicine) To Help You Have a Healthy September

Do you feel it in the air?  That subtle energy change as we move into a new season.  How is it making you feel?   I have been meditating on this very question, especially in the light of everything which has happened this year.   As we move into Autumn many of us start to …

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