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Meditation for Beginners: My Personal Tips To Help You Get Started

I practice meditation most days.  I am by no means an expert and the truth of the matter is that I found beginning a meditation practice challenging.  However, it has, by far, been worth the effort and perseverance and I don’t know where I would be without it now. I imagine that you have heard …

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My Favourite Yoga Poses For Reducing Anxiety

Since I was little I have always battled with anxiety.   Yoga, turned my life around.  Yes, I still suffer, but instead of getting stuck on the anxiety train, I now have the means to disembark. Below are some of my favourite yoga poses and tools to reduce anxiety quickly and effectively. If you would like …

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How To Cultivate Loving Kindness into your life

This blog is a little tribute to World Kindness Day which was on Friday November 13th. Why should we try and cultivate loving kindness in our lives? Performing large or small acts of kindness has been shown to be very beneficial to our health; keeping stress levels in check and helping us to age more …

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Self Care In Lockdown

Why Self-Care? Self-care is vital to help you cope with stress and anxiety and is more important than ever as we head into another lockdown.  Self-care enables your body and mind to take a step back and see the bigger picture.  You can rest, reflect, reset, and rejuvenate (the 4 r’s).   The more we take …

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