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6 Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga

This blog post is going to summarise what I feel are the  6 main benefits of pregnancy yoga. I have 3 children of my own, and have taught pregnancy yoga (and postnatal yoga) for over a decade.  I have also worked as an antenatal course facilitator in the past.  With all this experience, both personal …

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Can yoga build body strength?

Can Yoga Build Body Strength?

Yoga is great for improving mobility and flexibility but can it actually build body strength? If you reading this and do not practise yoga at all then I can understand your misgivings.  However, from my experience as a student and teacher of yoga, it has been suprisingly good for building strength. I am not saying …

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5 yoga poses to beat back pain

5 Yoga Poses To Beat Back Pain

I remember when my back completely froze up a couple of years back.  It scared me to bits.  I felt as stiff as an ironing bored and the pain made me feel so nauseas, it took me every effort to try and move.  Yoga has been a great friend for helping me to look after …

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