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3 amazing benefits of Tadasana

3 Amazing Benefits of Tadasana

In this post, I am going to share with you (what I feel are) the 3 main amazing benefits of Tadasana. I will then go on to show you exactly how to get the most out of the pose.

Although deceptively simple in form, Tadasana (or Mountain pose) is a bit of an unsung superhero.

When I first started yoga, I didn’t really understand its superhero status.Β  I arrogantly just thought it was a case of standing at the top of the mat.

Now I know differently of course 😁.

So, this is the post for you, if you feel that Tadasana is a bit of ‘something to do’ type of pose, whilst transitioning from one thing to another.

The First Benefit of Tadasana.

It Helps You To Find a Sound Body-Mind Connection.Β 

When you roll out your mat and stand on it, how long do you take to just take stock of how you are feeling – not only in your body but upstairs as well (I mean in your mind)?

Tadasana, like lying on the floor or sitting on your mat is a great β€˜tune in β€˜pose. It can ground you for the practice ahead.

When you are in tune with what is going on ‘with you’, on any given day, you can use that information to inform the rest of your practice.

How I tune in myself:

Standing at the top of the mat, I simply connect to the feet and work my way up. This calms my mind, steadies my breath and then I get some clarity into what kind of practice I need. Sometimes it is a vigorous vinyasas flow and at other times I might feel more like a slow restorative practice.Β  You will know, once you have tuned in; you just need to trust the process.

Here are a few tips to get you going.

Ask yourself

  • How am I feeling in my body? Are there any sore spots, injuries or areas of tension etc?
  • How am I feeling in my thoughts – is my mind busy?Β  Can I use my breathing to calm it down?
  • How am I feeling emotionally?Β  Am I happy, angry or sad?Β  What do I feel is the best way to release these emotions as I practice?

The Second Benefit of Tadasana.

Tadasana Helps You Re-align, Wake Up Your Muscles and Improve Your posture.

Tadasana is a whole-body tune-up pose.Β  When done with a good mind-body connection, it offers the perfect opportunity to balance out the muscles of your whole body – waking up the sleepy ones and giving the overworked ones a break.Β  In doing so, it brings you back into a healthier alignment, reversing any poor body positioning habits which may have crept in earlier in the day.

Let me explain this a little more.

Each part of your foot is an accelerator pedal for the different muscles of your legs.Β  If you are clever about working in Tadasana, you can help correct any imbalances in these muscles and that in turn, can improve any imbalances further up the body – all the way through to your head.

Get the feet right and the rest of the body will follow suit – the legs, glutes, inner core will naturally fire up (without you having to try too hard).Β  This will help the pelvis, ribs, shoulders, and head find their way back to a better alignment.Β  Your posture will improve and any tension, aches and pains will lessen.

Tadasana is a whole-body releasing, re-aligning and strengthening pose.Β  Simplistic in its form but powerful in its practice.

The Third Benefit of Tadasana.

Tadasana can be used as a pause button (a moment to evaluate and reflect) during your yoga practice.Β 

If you have ever wondered why yoga teachers love to re-visit Tadasana time and time again during one yoga class, it is because it allows you to take a moment to re-stock, re-tune and re-connect with yourself.

Sometimes when we get lost in a flow, especially if we find it challenging, our breathing can get out of kilter and we might find ourselves getting out of synch with our bodies.Β  This is normal and happens to us all – regardless of our experience of yoga.

A momentarily pause in Tadasana is the perfect way to check in. It gives you an opportunity to make any changes in response to your body and mind’s signals.Β  For example, if your breath has gone a little haywire, it gives you the time to get it back under your control (before you get moving again).

These check-ins are so much easier when you are not moving around.

Tips To Help You Get the Most Out OfΒ  Tadasana.Β 

Now it is time for you to feel these 3 amazing benefits for yourself.

Follow the tips below for refining your Tadasana.

If you prefer a video tutorial, please click on the video underneath the following script.Β  You could also record the script on your phone or MP3 player and play it back whilst you are practising:

  1. Stand at the top of the mat.Β Take a moment to move your weight over the feet – shift forwards and back, side to side – like you are swaying.
  2. Press into the mounds behind the big toe. Notice that when you do so the inner legs light up.
  3. Now press into the mounds of the little toe more.Β  Notice that the outer legs wake up.
  4. Root the heels into the mat and feel how the backs of the legs wake up including the buttocks.
  5. The legs and buttocks should feel active but be careful not to overgrip.Β  Sometimes the inner legs don’t like to work a lot (they tend to be sleepier in a lot of people).Β Β  If this is the case for you try squeezing a block or cushion between the thighs to get a better connection.
  6. You have now activated a triangle of support between the heel and the two toe mounds. Root evenly between these three points.
  7. From here gently draw the front of the thighs back and think about β€˜smiling’ the inner legs towards the outer legs.
  8. Lengthen the tailbone down to the floor. Imagine that you have a dinosaur tail reaching towards the ground. You will notice your buttock muscles activate, even more, a little lift around the hip points and a gently hugging in of your lower abdominals.
  9. Lengthen up, through the torso as though you are trying to create space between the hips and the ribs.
  10. Relax your shoulders away from the ears.
  11. Now finally position the head.Β  Place your finger gently on your chin.Β  With gentle pressure, push the chin back (be careful not to tuck).Β  You are aiming for the ears to be level with the collar bones and the muscles deep in the neck to fire up.Β  Sometimes it helps to imagine that you are sliding your chin along a books shelf.
  12. Try not to go rigid. Stay soft and buoyant keeping a little bend in the knees.
  13. Keep the breath smooth and stay here for at least a minute or two.

Closing Thoughts

I hope now that you are aware of the 3 amazing benefits of Tadasana you will practise this wonderful pose with a fresh perspective.Β  Β Over the years I have learnt that it is often the simplest of poses that provide the most benefits so I really hope that you will discover this for yourself too.

If you are interested in learning more about posture and its influence on our health and well-being why not read more about it here



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