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3 easy ways to meditate

3 Easy Ways To Fit Meditate (without sitting)

With our busy lives, finding easy ways to meditate is a must, especially if we want to make it into a long-term habit.😁

Why Should We Meditate

There are plenty of studies out there that highlight the many benefits of meditation.  Some of these fab benefits include:

  • improving sleep
  • helping us manage moods and emotions
  • reducing blood pressure
  • improving digestion
  • helping us manage depression and anxiety
  • improving focus and concentration

Why Is It Difficult To Meditate Consistently?

easy ways to meditate

A meditation habit is like any habit.  In order for it to stick we need to do it consistently and like anything worth doing it can be hard.

To make things even more challenging, every time we are not consistent we are very good at convincing ourselves that perhaps meditation is not for us or that we are just not cut out for it.

From my own personal experience, a meditation habit can also be hindered by unrealistic expectations.

I remember for a long time putting it on a pedestal and believing that for an overthinker like me, I would never be able to do it ‘well’.

I mean, I can’t shut my mind off; it was just too busy – untamable. So, what was the point of even trying to meditate?

This stopped me from practising for a very long time – well until I learned better 🤗

The truth is the mind needs to be trained in the same way as a muscle.  The more we practice the easier it gets.

Saying that, just like exercise, although you do get better at it, there will be days when it just doesn’t feel successful, in the same way as you get those odd workouts where you feel like you haven’t achieved what you hoped you would.  I just wanted to add that this is normal and ok.

In the light of the above, I would like to share with you,  3 neat ways to meditate that you can easily piggyback onto another activity.  This way you don’t have to worry about carving out a specific meditation time and you can do it in a way that actually works for you.

Let’s get onto the 3 easy ways to meditate

Meditate and Move

Any form of movement whether it is walking, running,  or swimming has the potential to combine with a meditation practice.  Yoga (although for me it is my absolute favourite mind and movement tool) is not the only way can move and practice meditation.

‘Move the body; still the mind.’

To meditate all you need is to observe the breath and link it to your movement.  This provides your mind with a focus and it is this that moves you into a more meditative state.

Another way to meditate whilst moving is to simply go out for a walk (no phones though)!

The best environment for a walk is a ‘green’ one.  Being surrounded by nature is ideal as it offers a peaceful and grounding atmosphere – perfect for meditation.

Below is a yoga video that I created a while back to help you move into a more meditative state whilst moving through a yoga sequence.  I invite you to give it a go and see what you think.

Cleaning your house

Yes, cleaning is an endless chore but if we turn it on its head, it is an opportunity to zone out and spend time with ourselves.

Cleaning tasks tend to be repetitive – take the washing up or the rhythm of hoovering.  We don’t really have to think too much.  This gives us the perfect environment to dive inwards and tap into our inner voice; perfect for meditation.

An added advantage is that we get a clean house by the time we finish.😉

Get absorbed in a hobby

Have you ever started something and got so absorbed in it that before you know it several hours have passed?

If you can draw, knit, paint, crossstitch, and bake cakes, you can practice meditation. Again, a similar idea applies here: by busying your hands and the technical part of your brain with some kind of simple task, you can find the space to dial in and connect to your inner self.

Haven’t got a hobby?  Try a colouring book; a perfect starting point.   Just promise me to put your mobile into a different room so it doesn’t distract you.

Closing Thoughts

So there you have it, 3 easy ways to meditate.  I am sure with a bit of imagination you will probably be able to think of some other ways to get some mindfulness practice into your day.  Remember simplicity is the key.

If you want to start today try the movement and meditation yoga practice above (or click here for a direct link to the video).

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