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5 Reasons To Practise Yoga Using Resistance Bands

Today I’m talking about practising yoga using resistance bands.

Yoga is a great body and mind practice, but you can take it up a level when you add a few props, like resistance bands.

As a middle-aged yoga student and teacher, building various movements and skills into your practice is the best anti-ageing tonic.

So, without further ado below are my top five reasons for practising resistance band yoga.


1) Practising yoga using resistance bands helps build more muscle.

When we work in a pose using resistance bands they provide an external force (something for your muscles to push against).  This is a great way to build muscle strength.  Resistance bands also allow you to work the muscles isometrically.  This means putting sustained tension on a muscle and is another fabulous way to build muscle strength.

2) Resistance band yoga helps build better mind and body connection.

For much of the day (aka, when we are off the mat) our focus is not really on our bodies.  Instead, we are ploughing through our to-do list.  I would wager that we don’t think much of our bodies whatsoever.

Working with resistance bands can counteract this numbness or lack of connection.

It achieves this by creating a little more sensation.  When we feel more sensation we don’t have to think so hard about what part of our body is working.

For example, take the pose bird dog where you are on all fours and lift the opposite leg and arm.  This is a hard pose to do well and sometimes we don’t feel it in the right places or the wrong muscles work harder. Add in resistance bands and this pose feels completely different. Commonly, students report back and say they can feel their tummy muscles work harder for example.   You can see this in action in the video below, where I filmed myself practising yoga with the bands.


3) Resistance band yoga improves posture and body symmetry and posture.

Getting older can mean that our posture and body symmetry can suffer.  After all, we all have habits and tend to favour one side of our body over the other.

Our habits, over time, can eventually change our body shape and symmetry.

By the way, this is normal and a part of being human.

For example, one-sided habits can lead to issues like back or shoulder pain.

The bands are great at helping you explore where your strengths and weaknesses are and by doing so, give you a baseline from which to help you even out the imbalances.


4) Resistance Bands help improve proprioception.

Resistance bands are a great addition to our yoga practice because they help to develop proprioception.

Proprioception is our ability to perceive where our body is in space.

Now it may sound like anatomy jargon that has no significance to daily life but it couldn’t be less so.

As we age this ability drops which makes us more prone to falls.  More falls can equate to an increase in injuries, and as we get older, recovering from an injury takes a lot longer.

The resistance bands build proprioception by enhancing the feedback that is going on between the body and the brain.

For instance, when we are in a pose even though we assume we are creating a certain shape sometimes what we think is happening, isn’t truthful.

Regular practice with the bands can reroute this misperception and strengthen accurate proprioception.

This enables us to move our bodies more efficiently so we are less likely to injure ourselves.

You may also be aware that the risk of osteopenia and osteoporosis (especially for women) rises as we age, so the fewer falls we experience the better for us in the wrong run.


5) Resistance band yoga is great for hypermobile people &/or joint ‘lockers’

I am quite a bendy person which is probably one of the reasons why I got into yoga in the first place.  However, bendy people often suffer with less stable joints which can mean we dump into our joints instead of using our muscles when practising yoga.

People who dump the load into the joints are also more prone to ‘locking‘, which although not inherently bad, can exacerbate the lack of muscular recruitment.

Yoga uses isometric contractions in many poses (where the muscles don’t lengthen or shorten and the joints don’t move).  These types of contractions are great for improving joint stability.  Adding a resistance band magically stops the joint from locking and at the same time will stimulate more muscle activation too – a win-win for bendy people.


Final Thoughts On Resistance Band Yoga

I am a Gemini and get bored very easily. 😀😀

Saying that yoga is the one movement practice I never get bored with, simply because it is so adaptable. The practice grows and changes as you do. What I love about resistance band yoga is that it provides variety, a sense of challenge and lots of fun.

If this has tickled your curiosity there are two ways you can get started today with resistance band yoga:

1) Join me for a Workshop:  Saturday July 20th. Click here to find out more/sign up

Resistant band yoga

  2) Try this FREE home practice.  You will need to make up your own bands.



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