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An Experienced Private And Group Yoga Teacher in Aylesbury

Hey there, I’m a yoga teacher and mum to 3 amazing kids.  I’m lucky to have a small home garden studio but also teach at other venues in and around Aylesbury.  

Moving well and feeling good is a passion of mine. I’m in my 50’s now but I don’t feel it and it’s all thanks to yoga.

This wasn’t always the case. I started practising yoga in my teenage years but preferred pushing my body with HIIT and gym workouts.  In fact, I worked as hard as I could in all areas of my life, as I assumed it was the only way to succeed.

As I approached my 40’s, I realised that living like this was exhausting and stressful

I had also had my three kids by then which meant even more ‘balls to juggle’.

After a run of injuries, fatigue and constantly feeling like a “failed human being”, I realised things had to change

I felt a big pull back to yoga and started practising more regularly.  It taught me how to slow down and take more notice.  

Yoga became my sanctuary, strengthening and rebalancing my body whilst teaching me that more isn’t always better.

I started my yoga teaching career as a pregnancy yoga teacher and then a few years on completed an accredited British Wheel of Yoga Diploma.  I have also trained in seasonal yoga therapy, postnatal yoga, and am a qualified Menopause transition coach.  

I teach a ‘flowstyle of yoga (breathing and movement) integrated with functional body weight training and other beneficial movement modalities

My mission is simple: to empower you, to learn how to move your body in a way that will help you stay strong, pain and ache free – whilst also allowing time to step back, press pause and enjoy time to rest and recharge

For me, yoga is the ultimate tuneup for the body and mind – a holistic MOT.  

If you are ready to move and feel better with yoga (regardless of your experience, fitness level or age), I look forward to welcoming you to the mat. 

On a more personal note, when I’m not on my mat I love a good walk (or hike), baking (healthier cakes – I love cake), or getting lost in a good book.

meet Sarah

What People Have Said...

"Highly recommend Sarah's workshops and yoga classes."
"Love Sarah, she gives 100% and each class is different. Great yoga, excellent practice."
"One of the best decision I made is to join Sarah's classes! I learnt so much and I feel much better connected with my mind and body since going to Sarah! Each and every class, I learnt something new and what it means! Will definitely be continuing to go to Sarah! One of the best!!"