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yoga for healthy digestion

Yoga For Healthier Digestion

Yoga is a great tool for healthier digestion. Being able to absorb and assimilate the nutrients and good stuff from our food is fundamental for our health. Just take a moment to think about all of the unpleasant symptoms we can experience when our digestive system is not working well – indigestion, constipation, acid reflux, …

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accidental early riser

Becoming an Accidental Early Riser: 3 Things I learned

Becoming an Accidental Early Riser has taught me a few things.  Below are 3 things I have learned from consistently waking up early. You know what they say … the early bird catches the worm? How do you feel about getting up early? I don’t use an alarm and for many years used to wake …

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yoga for a healthier spring

Yoga For A Healthy Spring

Just like the rest of nature, we are closely linked and affected positively and negatively by the seasonal changes of the year.   Yoga is the perfect practice to help you enjoy a healthy spring.   The practice has the capacity to accommodate the shifts and changes of the seasons and can support us physically, mentally and …

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Yoga For A Happy and Healthy Life

Is Yoga a good practice for a happy and healthy life? Let’s face it there are lots of aspects of life which have a huge impact on how healthy and happy we are. One of these aspects is that we do not spend enough time on ourselves.  Life can be stressful and super busy.  There …

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5 Benefits Of Practising Yoga Over the Holidays

This post will dive into 5 benefits of keeping up with your yoga practice over the holidays. Extended time with loved ones can be fun but also a challenge too.  Do you ever find yourself nearly wanting to throttle someone because of something they do or say?  It can also be a time when your …

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