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Yoga for the pelvic floor and core

Yoga For The Pelvic Floor and Core

Most of us start yoga to get more flexible but one area where I feel it really hits the spot is its ability to keep our pelvic floor and core strong and functional. The Importance of a Strong Pelvic Floor and Core Before delving into the benefits of yoga for the pelvic floor and core, …

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the key to a healthy pelvic floor

The Key To A Healthy Pelvic Floor

The key to a healthy pelvic floor is one that allows us to do everything we want to do in life without getting in the way. A healthy pelvic floor is one that simply does its job well. Women associate issues with the pelvic floor mostly as a consequence of childbirth, but it can happen …

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6 Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga

This blog post is going to summarise what I feel are the  6 main benefits of pregnancy yoga. I have 3 children of my own, and have taught pregnancy yoga (and postnatal yoga) for over a decade.  I have also worked as an antenatal course facilitator in the past.  With all this experience, both personal …

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