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yoga for knee pain

Yoga for Knee Pain

Do knee and hip issues limit your yoga practice or life full-stop? You’re not alone! Knee pain affects many of us, and can lead to restricted movement and stopping people from doing activities they enjoy. Yoga can be a powerful tool for helping you maintain healthy and functional knees whilst preventing future problems.  All you need …

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yoga for healthier joints

Yoga For Healthy Joints

Yoga is great for keeping joints healthy. As Winter moves into Spring our bodies can respond to this change by feeling a little stiff and unwieldy. This (thankfully for most of us) is a temporary bump in the road. As we move deeper into the warmer months our bodies limber up.  We are, after all, …

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Yoga For Back Pain

Yoga is great for back pain (and this is reassuring to know especially as it can rear its’ ugly head during our day-to-day lives). In this blog, I am going to talk about how yoga can help one pair of back muscles in particular.  The quadratus lumborum. These muscles work hard to keep the back …

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benefits of yoga

Benefits of Yoga

There are many benefits of yoga but many people are intimidated from giving it a go. As a teacher, one of the things I hear a lot is I’m not suitable for yoga as I’m not flexible enough. There are other reasons for people not starting (including I’m too old), but this is the one …

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Yoga for the pelvic floor and core

Yoga For The Pelvic Floor and Core

Most of us start yoga to get more flexible but one area where I feel it really hits the spot is its ability to keep our pelvic floor and core strong and functional. The Importance of a Strong Pelvic Floor and Core Before delving into the benefits of yoga for the pelvic floor and core, …

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