Chocolicious Yin/Restorative Yoga Mini Retreat

Feeling Tired and Stressed From the Business of December? Desparate for some down-time where you can rest and zen out?

Date: Thursday 28th December

Time: 2pm – 5pm

Where: Sarah’s Garden Studio

Early Bird Booking

Save 10% off the full price if you book before December 10th.  Simply use EARLYBIRD in the checkout.

December can be a pretty busy and stressful month...

All those presents to buy not to mention, the food pre and family organisation of who is going where.  It can feel endless.  So much so, that by the time Xmas comes the festive spirit has left the building!  How can you do Xmas if you are absolutely exhausted!?


How would you feel if the opposite was true.  Picture this. It is Xmas morning and you feel totally rested, so chilled you don’t even know yourself, and ready to enjoy the day?



I have the dreamiest solution...try a little yoga magic

Press Pause in the craziness of Christmas and relax and unwind with me. 

I have created this 3 hour mini retreat, where you can enjoy the magic of yoga to help soothe away your stress and help you rest and rejuvenate your body mind and soul.

What To Expect

  • Enjoy a 90-minute class of relaxing, unwinding and deeply soothing yoga poses, focusing on undoing tightness in the shoulders, upper back and hips – spending a little more time than normal to go in deeper and clear out the tension that has accumulated over the year. 
  •  Once we have eased the body enough to settle into blissful stillness we will unwind further by wrapping up in a blanket and experiencing long guided relaxation through the practice of Yoga Nidra – yogic sleep.
  • To finish we will enjoy some light chat, an indulgent hot chocolate (dairy free) and some raw chocolate treats.
afternoon yoga retreat
garden room yoga

About The Venue....small classes for a bespoke experience.

Enjoy this body and mind pamper in my small garden studio.  Everything is provided for (unless you wish your bring your own mat and props) and spaces are limited so to give you that extra, bespoke, intimate, super friendly and nurturing experience.

Take Time for you this festive season

This retreat experience is perfect for you if are:

  • desperately in need of some time out for you
  • exhausted and feeling like you would rather hard under the covers until after New Year.
  • have heard of how yoga is great for helping you rest properly and de-stress and would love to give it a go
  • feeling as though you need a new body and would just love a chance to really stretch out.
  • tense and achy and feeling a little irritable with life.
  • want to leave feeling like a new person inside and out.

An afternoon of Yoga will make you feel like a new person again.

'Sarah's winter retreat is the perfect antidote to the stresses and strains and overindulgences of Christmas. It's a little oasis of peace and calm and a moment to focus and reconnect on yourself ahead of new year. Couln't remcommned it high enough!'
'Amazing Monday night yoga and monthly yin and yoga Nidra classes with Sarah Lou Yoga. Sarah is full of life providing a friendly/relaxed atmosphere, encouraging, knowledgeable and very helpful'.