Garden Room Yoga

Tailored, Bespoke private and small group yoga classes

Garden Room Yoga, Aylesbury

Welcome To My Little Yoga Studio in Aylesbury

I am so excited to share my intimate cosy yoga space situated in my garden.

Although I love teaching my larger group classes it is harder to cater for everyone’s individual needs and goals.

It was my dream to create a space where I could offer a more bespoke and intimate environment for my students…

Cue in my small garden yoga studio.

This space is for anyone who is intimated by larger group classes or  interested in private yoga classes. 

I run all my small group in person classes, workshops and private yoga sessions from here.

It is fully equipped so all you need to do is just turn up. I will take care of the rest.

What's On: Aylesbury Garden Room

→ In-person small group yoga classes
→ Bespoke, individualised,  & super friendly

→ Fully Equipped Studio 

→ Individualised coaching to help you move and feel better 
→ these are tailored sessions using yoga and other movement modalities to help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals.

→discover yoga on a more intimate level and learn the tools to help you live a better, happier life. 


Aylesbury Yoga Workshops

→ Small Group monthly workshops and events. 

→ Topics change every month to cover different aspects of yoga

→ Suitable for all levels of experience; small group sizes mean I can accommodate for all so that you get what  you need from the workshop