Pregnancy Yoga Bundle

Dive into the wonderful benefits of pregnancy yoga in the comfort of your own home.  

Sometimes getting to a class is really tough. Imagine how wonderful it would be to enjoy all the benefits of a pregnancy yoga class in the comfort of your own home?

What You Will Get Inside the Course:

Pregnancy Yoga Classes for All Trimesters:

  • Yoga practises for all 3 trimesters 
  • Chair Pregnancy Yoga class.
  • Tips on keeping your pelvic floor healthy.
  • Morning and evening yoga classes.

Get Ready for Labour Tips :

  • Live zoom class recording taking you through the whole labour process (including what to expect, what positions will help plus breathing and relaxation tools)
  • A Hormone 101 for Labour webinar taking you through how the yoga tools taught in the course help you have a smoother labour.
  • Various cheat sheets to help you get ready for labour.

Bonus Videos: 

We know that pregnancy isn’t all flowers and unicorns.  This section contains yoga classes for:

  • pelvic girdle pain
  • heartburn
  • back pain
  • achy neck and shoulders

You will also find tools for deep relaxation and rest

All Yoga practices are suitable for complete beginners.

Why Practise With Sarah?

 Sarah has been teaching pre/postnatal yoga since 2008 and has also experienced first hand how yoga can help heal and strengthen the body.  She is super passionate about helping new mums (and any woman regardless of age or situation) reclaim their bodies and sanity back using simple yoga tools.

Your Questions Answered...

I’ll let you into a little secret.  Many women try yoga for the first time when they are pregnant.  I think this is because we start to realise that we cannot ignore our bodies and as yoga is a mind-body practice, we naturally become drawn to it.  This bundle of classes is suitable for complete beginners and anyone new to exercise overall.  For many it starts a ‘love affair’ for yoga for many years to come.

For this course you really only need a yoga mat.  Everything else will be accessible in your home.  At the beginning of each class I will let you exactly what you need so that you can collect everything before you start.  One piece of equipment that I do reccommend you invest in is a gym ball (sometimes known as a swiss ball).  This is used in the course and is also a great tool to have during your labour too.   You can also use the ball afterwards to help with getting your ‘body back’ after the birth.

This bundle is for individual use, however, if you require any help or guidance I am just at the end of an email.  You are not alone so please do reach out if you have any queries or questions.

This course is very comprehensive and it will get you through pregnancy and childbirth using the tools of yoga.  Yoga will not only keep your body fit and strong but it will also help you navigate the emotional high and lows of pregnancy.  It is pretty scary dealing with the fact that you are going to become a mum soon.  Yoga will help you get ready for this exciting transition.  This course is great on its own or you can use it as an addition to any other pregnancy yoga class or antenatal provision that you might undertake. 

Life time access means that this bundle will be available to you for as long as I am running this website (which will be for a very long while yet).

This Course will support you from 12 weeks of pregnancy all the way through to the birth of your baby.

Start your pregnancy yoga journey today and enjoy feeling fit and strong, feel super confident about the birth and know that you will learn the tools to help you stay sane throughout the childbirth journey