Pelvic Floor and Core Bootcamp

Fed Up of those ‘whoops’ moments?  Want to enjoy life without having to rely on a TENA lady?

Look no further. This course is for you...

This short self study course aims to help you regain a healthy functioning pelvic floor and a stronger core.  It is specifically designed for busy and time poor postnatal mums but is suitable for any woman who would like to say goodbye to using a TENA lady and say hello to feeling fun and sexy again.

There are 4 Modules plus extra bonus content.

Module One –  Let’s get started – re-connect to your pelvic floor and core muscles and learn the correct breathing technique to improve your pelvic floor functionality and core strength.

Module TwoTaking it up a gear – the next level – slightly more challenging pelvic floor and core work.  This module contains 4 yoga practices that will take you through beginner and more intermediate core and pelvic floor strengthening.

Module Three – whole body integration  yoga flows of differing lengths to work the whole body and integrate the pelvic floor and the core so you can enjoy a strong and functional pelvic floor and core on and off the mat.  There are 4 full body and core yoga practices of different lengths to fit in with your schedule.

Module Four – Time to Rest – rest is so important and often this gets left off our to do list.  Ladies, you need time for you!  Have you heard of the saying ‘put oxygen mask on first?‘ You will feel so much more fulfilled, happier and the fun parent you want to be if you include rest in your life.  This module includes some of my favourite yoga tools to help you rest well including yoga Nidra (sleep) and 2 x restorative yoga classes.  It also includes some breathing tools (pranayama) to help you manage stress and calm the body.


  • A specialised yoga class to support you if you have had a caesarean section.
  • A pelvic floor quiz to help you check up on your progress.
  • A diastasis recti tutorial so you can self-check with ease and confidence
  • A chair yoga class to help stretch out the body and relieve shoulder and neck tension.  Perfect for anytime you need a quick pick me up.

Why Practise With Sarah?

 Sarah has been teaching pre/postnatal yoga since 2008 and has also experienced first hand how yoga can help heal and strengthen the body.  She is super passionate about helping new mums (and any woman regardless of age or situation) reclaim their bodies and sanity back using simple yoga tools.

Your Questions Answered...

Being a mum is challenging – I get it (have been there – am still there- and understand how there just never seems enough time in the day).  However, looking after yourself should be a priority and this is the reason as to why I created this course format.  On purchasing you will have a life-time access which means you can take your time.  I have also made sure that this course is delivered in bite size chunks so that you will not get overwhelmed but at the same time get noticable results at a pace which suits you.  This course is also suitable for any busy woman (even if you are not a mum) that finds herself wanting to improve her pelvic floor and core but is juggling a lot of plates – be that work, family commitments or ‘life.’

That is what people with good intentions would like you to believe but it is so far from the truth.   Every woman on the planet deserves to enjoy a fully functional pelvic floor and decent core strength for the entirety of her life.   Having to wear TENA lady is not normal.  Just picture this – you go out to play in the park with your kids and you are  able to run after them, pick them up, enjoy their company, without leaking!  Just sit there and imagine that for a minute.  This is what I want for you and with a few simple techniques that work this short course will help get you there.

Statistics have shown that most women whether they have children or not will at some point in their lives, suffer with pelvic floor issues and weakened core muscles.  Although some of the elements of this course is directly geared for new mums, the rest of it can be applied to anyone looking for some pelvic floor and core support.

Women today are very busy people and because of this we do not rest well enough.  Add being a new mum to the mix and rest could become a foreign word!  The way we manage stress can affect the functionality of our pelvic floor as breathing well lies at the centre.  When we don’t rest or when we feel overwhelmed or stressed we tend to breathe differently.  This can weaken the pelvic floor and core area. Rest is therefore a big part of reclaiming our pelvic floor and core functionality and strength.

You matter today and tomorrow...

Start your healing journey today and start feeling yourself again.  You deserve a fully functional pelvic floor and a core to be proud of.  It is time to bin the TENA ladies for good.