Pregnancy & Beyond

Bespoke, tailored classes and private tuition. Get ready for childbirth and beyond with confidence.

Pregnancy and beyond can be both an exciting time and a worrying one.  Yoga is a wonderful friend and will support you throughout the whole childbearing journey.  Use the buttons below to take you to the class or service you are interested in. 

Hey Mamma,

This is me with my third son, one day after he was born at home back in 2007.   If you choose me as your childbirthguide‘ you are in safe hands.  Not only have I had 3 children of my own (my last was born at home) but I have worked as an antenatal course facilitator (helping 100s of couples) and have taught pregnancy yoga since 2008

I practised yoga throughout all 3 of my pregnancies and experienced first-hand how it can support you through pregnancy, childbirth and beyond

It is truly an amazing tool for this time of life and will help keep you strong and sane wherever you are on the journey.  

Aylesbury Pregnancy Yoga

Weekly Bespoke Pregnancy Yoga Class

Saturday mornings at Sarah's Garden Studio, Bedgrove Aylesbury

Small, intimate, super informal and friendly classes where you can laugh, talk shop, practice some pregnancy yoga and relax

Each class involves the following:

  • Time to relax, stretch and breathe. Enjoy a gentle but effective yoga practice which will keep your body feeling great all through your pregnancy.
  • Learn all of the yoga tools which will help you prepare your body and mind for labour.
  • Get weekly coaching on what to expect in labour and how it all works so that you will be super prepared for what you will experience. 
  • Time to chat, socialise, talk about anything pregnancy, labour and parenting related and make new friends with other mums-to-be. 

How To Book

There are two class booking options:

Blocks of 4 (to be used in 5 weeks)

Drop-In (book a class as and when you want to either up to a week before or on the day).

meet Sarah

Get Ready For Labour -Pregnancy Yoga Coaching Programme

Customised 8 Week Programme just for you...

Personalised coaching using a comprehensive curriculum which covers:

  • 8 Pregnancy yoga (movement) sessions will help keep you fit and strong throughout your pregnancy and help prepare your body physically for giving birth.
  • Pelvic floor and core awareness coaching 
  • Comprehensive instruction on the stages of labour and how to have a ‘natural labour.’  This includes breathing techniquespositionsaffirmationsvisualisations, and massage/touch).  This information will empower you to feel confident about your up and coming labour and understand exactly how and why yoga as a tool supporting the journey of childbirth works.
  • Tips on recovery including pelvic floor and core MOT after birth kickstart.
  • Optional additional birth partner 90-minute session to help him/her support you during your birth.
Register your interest and we can arrange a call-back session to talk through your needs and design the perfect course for you.
meet Sarah

Aylesbury Postnatal Yoga

Mum and Baby Yoga Classes

Tuesday afternoons (1.30-2.30pm) at Sarah's Garden Studio

These Classes run in line with the school half terms:

Future Half Term 6-week courses:

FUTURE DATES (click on dates to book):  

Tuesday 7th November – Tuesday 12th December

Tuesday 9th January – Tuesday 13th February

Please make sure you have had your 6-week check before signing up.

Postnatal yoga will help you to recover from birth and is a great way to spend time and bond with your baby and make friends with other new mums.

Here is what to expect:

  • Enjoy time to exercise without having to find a babysitter (your baby is often part of the routine)!
  • get back your core and pelvic floor muscles to working order.
  • beat the aches and pains of 24/7 baby care with posture-soothing yoga.
  • take time to rest and relax – so important.

8-Week Mummy MOT

Customised programme just for you...

This is a 8-week package of private yoga classes customised to suit your needs.

What Is Included:

  • A weekly yoga-based movement session individualised to suit your goals.
  • Support in regaining your pelvic floor and core strength (including checks for diastasis recti)
  • Posture coaching to ease achy back, shoulders and neck. 
  • Relaxation and mindset tools to help you cope with the emotional and physical demands of looking after a baby.
  • Support with coping with less sleep plus self-care tips for the first year.
  • Option to integrate baby yoga and massage techniques into the package.

 Venue:  Studio, client’s home or online

Session times are arranged to suit your schedule.  

Register your interest and we can arrange a call-back session to talk through your needs and design the perfect course for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pregnancy yoga is great for keeping you fit and healthy throughout your pregnancy.  It also is a natural partner for getting through labour.

In terms of pregnancy the yoga poses are suitable for your ever-changing body and work on keeping the core muscles (including your abs and pelvic floor) healthy and strong.  The breathing and relaxation practices will help you navigate the emotional ups and downs of being pregnant – and there are quite a few! In terms of labour yoga is the most amazing buddy.  Breathing well is the key to having a less painful and more straightforward labour.  Yoga is based on being able to breathe well – it is the bread and butter of the practice.  On top of that most yoga poses make the best labour positions and of course, you will learn the best tools to help you relax and stay in control.

We usually advise starting any exercise (including pregnancy yoga) after your 12 weeks mark.  It might feel alien to do so, but try and enjoy the first trimester by resting and allowing your body to get used to the idea of being pregnant.

Yes, absolutely.  The beauty about yoga is that it is a practice which starts where you are.  All of the yoga is adapted to suit your body and where you are – pregnant or postnatal.

Yoga teaches you how to listen to your body and that is the key to getting through labour.  It also provide excellent tools to help your body labour well including ‘the breathing’, active birth positions, visualisations and relaxation techniques.  Yoga really is the best friend for labour.

Yoga is the absolute best way to get your body back after pregnancy and childbirth.  Being able to breathe well is at the core of a yoga practice and it is necessary to rebuild the strength and health of your pelvic floor and core (although the two are the same)!  Postnatal yoga will not only help you re-strengthen your core but it will also tone and strengthen the rest of your body too.  Looking after your baby can create a lot of aches and pains – yoga can  help you manage them.  On an emotional and mental level yoga has got your back.  The combination of practising the various poses, breathing tools and relaxation will help you cope with the demands of parenthood including loss sleep, crying babies, and the other challenges which come in the first year.  Yoga will turn you into a super mum!

I am asked this one a lot.  Please do not worry.  Babies, cry.  They need to be changed and fed.  My mum and baby classes are very informal and safe spaces where you can care for your baby without worrying about disturbing the class.  In fact, if your baby is having ‘one of those days’, we will all chip in and help soothe him/her.  You are not alone.   Yes I want to help you get your body back but I also want you to relax, have fun and enjoy being a mum.

The best time to start mum and baby yoga is after your 6 week check.