Private Yoga Classes

Aylesbury private yoga classes: stand better, move better, feel better.

Private Yoga: Aylesbury

  • No one is the same and that is a good thing.  We are all structured differently and so face different challenges with our bodies and health. 
  •  A one-to-one session lets me really get to know you, your lifestyle and your body.  I will help you to reach your particular health and fitness goals regardless of your starting point.
  • Sessions usually last for 60-90 minutes and can be a one-off – either weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly or you can bulk buy sessions in the form of packages. 
  •  Sessions can be online or in-person.  In-person sessions are held in my garden yoga studio.
  •  If you are interested please click the button below and arrange a FREE 15 minutes ‘hello’ call to discuss how yoga can help you.
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Why Opt For Private Yoga Sessions?

Joining a yoga class out of the blue can be quite a scary business.  It is easy to feel that we won’t be flexible enough or may make a fool of ourselves.  This is very normal and I promise you that most yoga teachers are really conscious about making sure you have the best first class ever.  However, you may feel that having a few sessions on your own with a teacher who can work with your concerns and needs might be the perfect way to start your yoga journey. With private sessions you are in the perfect position to learn all of the basics of yoga in a safe, informal and super supportive way.  I have helped many clients take their first steps into the yoga world in this way and I would highly recommend it.

We have all been there, especially if you are trying to smuggle in exercise time in your hectic schedule.  Injuries happen.  A more therapeutic style of yoga that can be integrated into a private session will help you manage the injury and give you the tools to self-heal. Many of us are also increasingly suffering from chronic aches and pains from work or other aspects of your daily lives. Private yoga will meet you where you are and offer a fully customised yoga practice to get you back on your feet and back enjoying a better moving body again. Life is too short to be stopped from doing what you want to do because your body has other ideas.  Yoga has helped me to heal and achieve the fittest, strongest and most functionally fit version of myself to date and I am certain it can do the same for you.

Pregnant?  Just had a baby?  Perhaps you are training for a declathon or iron man?  Maybe you have just had an operation or are recovering from an illness or accident.  Maybe you are going through a challenging time mentally and/or emotionally?  Yoga can help you cope with any challenge mentally, physicially and emotionally.  Life can throw us some real curve balls which can be hard to navigate. A private yoga practice can really help support you in a safe, friendly, confidential and individualised way.  Yoga is the perfect tool to nourish, heal and re-strengthen you on all levels.

You may be an experienced yogi who wants to deepen certain parts of your practice.  Do you want to nail that handstand or crow pose?  Maybe you want to dive into something in more depth (e.g. meditation).  Private tuition will really help you reach your personal goals.

I understand fully that life is super busy.  Many of us are juggling work, kids and also elderly family members.  It is so difficult to fit in a class which suits your available time and schedule.  Get rid of that problem entirely by booking a private yoga session.  You can schedule it to suit your timetable (for as long or as short as you want) and you have the choice of working in-person or online.  Your yoga; your life.  Make it work for you.

How You Can Work With Me Privately

→ Single PAYG appointments
→ Choose either a 60 or 90-minute session (although I can also offer 30 or 45 minute sessions too).
→ Perfect for trying out private yoga without making a commitment.

→ 1 x 90-minute 
→ 3 x 60-minute follow-up sessions

→ 4 x 60-minute session or 4 x 90 minute sessions.
→ Sessions arranged to suit your schedule.

→ 8 x 60 minute or 8 x 90 minute sessions.
→ Sessions arranged to suit your schedule.

General Information

  • All sessions can be in-person or online.
  • In person sessions are held at my Bedgrove garden studio.are held at my garden room studio.  
  • Please contact me to arrange your FREE 15-minute introductory call where we can discuss your goals and schedule.