Private Yoga Classes

I tailor personalised movement and relaxation practices to help you move and feel great. Make fast progress towards your goals and practice at a time and pace that suits you.

Private Yoga Sessions are Perfect for You If...

Joining a yoga class out of the blue can be quite a scary business.  It is easy to feel that we won’t be flexible enough or may make a fool of ourselves.  This is very normal and I promise you that most yoga teachers are really conscious about making sure you feel welcome. However, you may feel that having a few sessions on your own with a teacher who can work with your concerns and needs might be the perfect way to start your yoga journey. With private sessions you are in the perfect position to learn all of the basics of yoga in a safe, informal and super supportive way.  I have helped many clients take their first steps into the yoga world in this way and I would highly recommend it.

I first came to yoga as a way of helping me find a way to manage a severe case of back pain and chronic sciatica after the birth of my children.  Yoga not only help me to cope with it but it also resolved it over time. My experience has made me super passionate about the healing benefits of yoga. I have seen clients move out of pain and become more empowered and self confident with their bodies over time. Let’s be realistic here.  It is very unlikely that you will find a general class that will give you the support you need.  Private therapeutic yoga classes will meet you where you are and offer a fully customised yoga practice to get you back on your feet enjoying a better moving body again. Life is too short to be stopped from doing what you want to do because your body has other ideas.  Yoga has helped me to heal and achieve the fittest, strongest and most functionally fit version of myself to date and I am certain it can do the same for you.

Pregnant?  Just had a baby?  Perhaps you are training for a declathon or iron man?  Maybe you have just had an operation or are recovering from an illness or accident.  Maybe you are going through a challenging time mentally and/or emotionally?  Yoga can help you cope with any challenge mentally, physicially and emotionally.  Life can throw us some real curve balls which can be hard to navigate. A private yoga practice can really help support you in a safe, friendly, confidential and individualised way.  Yoga is the perfect tool to nourish, heal and re-strengthen you on all levels.

You may be an experienced yogi who wants to deepen certain parts of your practice.  Do you want to nail that handstand or crow pose?  Maybe you want to improve your warrior II and YouTube is just not ‘cutting the mustard.’ Maybe you would like to dive deeper into yoga philosophy and meditation.  Private tuition will really help you reach your personal goals.

I understand fully that life is super busy.  Many of us are juggling work, kids and also caring for elderly family members.  It is so difficult to fit in a class which suits your available time and schedule.  Get rid of that problem entirely by booking a private yoga session.  You can schedule it to suit your timetable (for as long or as short as you want) and you have the choice of working in-person or online.  Your yoga; your life.  Make it work for you.

Getting Started...

Private yoga classes are individually tailored to your goals,  whether they be for your body or your mindset

Step One: – fill out the form to connect with me and then we can email or arrange a phone chat to discuss your goals and see if we are a good fit.  

Step Two:- After our chat (email or phone), we can decide which package would suit you and organise a time/day for your private yoga class (in-person or online).

In-person sessions are held at my garden studio in Bedgrove.

I suggest committing to 4-16 sessions minimum. Some clients see me long-term. 

Either way, you will see the best results with consistent practice.

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Pricing/General Information

Private yoga classes are comparable to other selfcare services, such as massage, acupuncture or personal training

Scroll down to view my standard private class offerings.

Contact me and we can discuss a schedule that will work for you. 

Clients tend to see me weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly or monthly.  I also offer a monthly billing option if clients wish to work with me longterm.


Tell Me About Yourself & your goals...

How You Can Work With Me Privately

 → Single PAYG appointments.
→ Choose either a standard 60 or 90-minute session (although I can also offer 30 or 45-minute sessions too – please contact me if you wish to learn more).
→  Perfect for trying out private yoga without making a commitment.

→ 4 x 60-minute session or 4 x 90 minute sessions.
→ Sessions arranged to suit your schedule.

→ 8 x 60 minute or 8 x 90 minute sessions.
→ Sessions arranged to suit your schedule.

→ 8 Week Get Ready For Childbirth Personalised Coaching Programme
→ 8 Week Mummy MOT – get your body and sanity back post-birth.

→ Learn more here.

What Happens in a Private YOga Session?

Each session is tailored to your unique body and individual goals and draws from a variety of yoga tools and body movement therapies including:

Flow Yoga (Vinyasa)



Yoga therapy

Strength and bodyweight training

Pilates and other movement disciplines

Breathing practices for stress management