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Why Have a Private Yoga Teacher

Why have a private yoga teacher as opposed to attending a general yoga class?

Having spent the last 5 years teaching both private yoga and group classes, I can say for certain that going 121 has some amazing benefits for students.

I have also been the recipient of private yoga coaching and for me, personally, it was the best investment I ever made for myself and my body.  It not only helped me to improve my body awareness and posture but also empowered me with the tools to heal some ongoing health issues at the time.

Having a teacher work closely with you is the perfect way to achieve your personal goals.  They are with you every step of the way, holding your hand and supporting you in a way that cannot be achieved by any means in a class situation.

If you have been debating whether or not a series of private yoga sessions might be for you, read on to find out what I feel are the 3 top benefits plus more.

Private Yoga Is Great For Beginners.

Why have a private yoga teacher if you are a beginner?  A few classes one on one can really help set you up for success.

Just picture this, you want to sign up for some yoga classes but feel intimidated by the idea of going into a room full of people who have probably been practising yoga for years.  You hate the fact that you might feel completely out of your depth or look stupid.

This is completely normal and every single person who has started yoga will have felt this.

You can avoid this with a few well planned private yoga sessions that will help set you up for success.  With your teacher, you can go through the basics at your speed.

Within no time, you will be able to walk into your first yoga class with confidence.


Private Yoga Classes Can Help You Dive Deeper Into Your Personal Practice

Sometimes when we have done yoga for a while we find that some poses come naturally and others feel like a little bit of an uphill struggle.

Perhaps you just want to expand your practice and dive into an element of yoga with more depth – e.g. meditation or pranayama (breathing exercises).

Maybe there is a certain more advanced pose you want to nail (although I don’t really think there is any such thing).  All poses can be advanced – but you get my point!

Private teaching is great for any of the above, as you will have someone guiding you step by step.  There is no better way of reaching your goal as you will follow a clear plan and have someone inspiring and supporting you throughout.

Private Yoga Classes Can Help You Manage and Even Heal An Ongoing Health Issue

Before I go on, private yoga teachers are not medical professionals, not in the slightest.  However, most of us have a deep interest in supporting anyone managing or recovering from a health issue – be it an injury, chronic tension or pain or more mental issues like insomnia or stress management.  We love helping people.

Well-meaning doctors often recommend general yoga as a cure for all.  However,  as with any movement activity it needs to be done in a smart way so that you do get stronger and healthier.  This is where private yoga as opposed to just attending a general class is helpful.

In a one on one situation, we can really understand your needs.  We are also in a better position to complement any other treatment or physio plan as we can really tailor the yoga to you.

The above benefits of private yoga are my biggies but there are other reasons as to why it might be the perfect way to practice yoga.

private yoga teacher


Schedule & convenience. 

We live busy lives – that is a fact.  We juggle work, appointments, and maybe children or elderly parents.  Fitting in time for a class can feel like an uphill battle.  Having a private session gives you the flexibility to fit in a movement session (which will tick all of the ‘what you need at the time’ boxes) at a time that suits you.  You don’t even have to go out.  You can practice the session online and I know from experience that it is no less effective.

A class designed for you & your body. 

​I mentioned it above but I will say it again as I feel that this is so important. Private Yoga sessions are not like a regular drop-in class.

In a yoga class, you will follow a set movement sequence that everyone practices together. In a private yoga session, you will enjoy a class that is uniquely customised to your body needs and goals.  Whether you are using yoga to balance out your other activity loves, want to get rid of annoying shoulder pain or just want to learn how to slow down, relax and breathe after a hard day’s work, yoga can provide.  Like I say it is the perfect MOT for the body and mind.  Private yoga teachers are basically personal trainers with added benefits.

Opportunities for Questions & feedback. 

​Have you ever been to a class and wondered if you were doing the pose right? Did you wish your teacher would come over and help you more? Or you have wanted to ask a question but there never is enough time at the beginning or end (i.e. the teacher has to rush off for his/her next class)?

In a private yoga session, you have the full attention of the teacher you can ask as many questions as you need to without worry.  Your teacher will also ask you questions as you practice to get feedback on their teaching.  It is a win-win situation for both student and teacher.


As I teacher, I tend to use verbal cues to help you get into the pose with good form and safe alignment.  The added advantage of a private yoga session is that because I am with you 100%, I can watch your body and help adjust you.   A bit of hands-on help can be really useful especially if you are a more tactile learner.


Private sessions are more costly than a general yoga class.  This, I feel helps you to stay committed whether you pay for single or block sessions. In addition, you will feel so good afterwards it will inspire you to keep going.  Most teachers also offer discounts, especially for dedicated students too.

Final Thoughts

I love teaching private yoga and am super passionate about the benefits.

If you fancy finding out more then feel free to contact me and we can talk further.

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