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Bespoke, tailored workshops and events hosted in my small, friendly garden studio & online.

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All workshops and events take place in my cosy garden studio. Numbers are kept small so that you have a bespokefun, informal and safe experience 

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Choose one for a friend or family member or get someone to treat you!  Gift vouchers from £5 upwards.  Redeemable towards a single private yoga class or a workshop.

Instructions on how to redeem vouchers are delivered at the same time as the voucher (which can be downloaded or emailed straight to the recipient).

September 23rd 2023: Bedgrove

Celebrate the Autumn Equinox by learning how yoga can help you stay cold and flu free as the weather starts to change.

This workshop only has 6 spaces for a bespoke, friendly and individualised experience.

October 21st 2023: Bedgrove

Every woman will go through perimenopause and menopause.

The Chinese celebrate this time and call it the ‘second spring.

For many of us, it feels like a very long road to get there though, suffering with many symptoms including brain fog, weight gain, hot flushes, mood swings – just to name a few.

You may not realise, but stress is the overlying cause of many of these symptoms which makes yoga a fantastic friend for this period of women’s lives.

Whether  you are pre, perimenopausal, or menopausal I would love for you to join me for an introductory workshop where I will share just how yoga can help support you.

November 18th 2023: Bedgrove

Before I found yoga, I suffered terribly from a weak pelvic floor and core.  I also had awful back pain too.

I felt old before my time and hated the fact that I couldn’t jog, jump or do normal things without the annoying whoops moment.

If you are reading this and thinking this is me, then this workshop is for you.

I will share with you the exact yoga tools I used to help me get my core and pelvic floor back. 

  • No yoga experience is required 
  • Suitable if you have just had a baby or just want to improve your pelvic floor and core health.

December 2023: Date TBC: Bedgrove

Join me for a luxurious afternoon of restorative yoga followed by a long restful yoga Nidra (sleep).  This mini retreat will leave you feeling refreshed, renewed and fully rested.

January 2024 - Date TBC: Bedgrove

Are you looking for a way of trying yoga without committing to a class?  Maybe you just want a taster and like the sound of a one-off experience over a weekend.  Maybe you have taken a break from yoga and would love a refresher.  Join me for a 2-hour workshop where I will take you through the basics of yoga.  Everyone will take home a short practice that they can do based on what we practice in the session.

February 2024: Bedgrove

Do you suffer from niggling back pain?  Is it interfering with your life and stopping you from doing the things you love (including yoga)? 

This 2.5-hour workshop will focus on how an intelligent yoga practice can go a long way to easing and healing lower back pain. 

It will include Sarah’s favourite yoga poses and tools for helping you improve the mobility, strength and health of your spine

You will also learn how to do back bend poses in yoga safely and correctly.

This workshop only has 6 spaces for a bespoke, friendly and individualised experience.

March2024: 2-4.30pm Bedgrove

Spring is the perfect time for your body and mind to have a spring clean.

Yoga is the perfect practice to help us do this.

Join me for a workshop full that will move our bodies to help us detox whilst giving us time to reflect and welcome in the new through breathing, meditation and journaling exercises.

April 2024 - Date TBC: Bedgrove

I love my sleep and it feels devastating when I have had a bad night.

Yoga can help so much with practices you can do to help you relax before bed, to emergency remedies for a poor night.

Learn all about them in this 2.5 hour workshop 

13th May 2023 2-4.30pm: Bedgrove

  • Feeling stiff in the hips?
  • Want to improve  your hamstring flexibility? 
  • Suffering with lower back pain? 
  • Our hip mobility can influence all of the above and more.  Learn how yoga can restore the health and happiness of your hips and no, age is not a factor for stiff hips!