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Bespoke, tailored workshops and events hosted in my small, friendly garden studio & online.

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All workshops and events take place in my cosy garden studio (unless stated). Numbers are kept small so that you have a bespokefun, informal and safe experience.

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Resistant band yoga

July 14th 2024: 10-12.30pm Bedgrove

  • Would you like to find out how to incorporate resistant bands into your yoga practice?
  • Join me for 2.5 hours of playtime exploring ingenious ways of using resistant bands to elevate the strengthening, balancing and mobilising benefits of many yoga poses in a super fun way.
  • BONUS: – book by 6th July  and I will make you up a personal set of bands that you can take home and enjoy.

September 14th 2024: 2-4.30pm Bedgrove

Would you like to give yoga a go but feel intimidated by joining a class or maybe you have had a break and want a refresher?  

  • Are you looking for a way of trying yoga without committing to a class?  Maybe you just want a taster and like the sound of a one-off experience over a weekend. 
  •  Maybe you have taken a break from yoga and would love a refresher.  
  • Join me for a 2.5-hour workshop where I will take you through the basics of yoga.  
 Everyone will take home a short practice that they can do based on what we practice in the session.

BONUS: If you book by September 5th you will receive a gift voucher towards a workshop or private yoga session.

September 21st 2024: 1.30-4.30pm - Bedgrove

Seasonal yoga is the perfect way to keep us healthy and happy throught the year.

Join me for this seasonal retreat style workshop where we will:

  • Welcome in Autumn: enjoy a grounding and calming  yoga to help us transition into the cooler months of the  year. 
  • Release and Recharge: We will use various yoga tools to dig deep within so we can tune into nature’s signals.  Autumn is a time to let go and shed whatever isn’t serving us.  We can do this on both a physical, mental  and emotional level. 
  • Deepen your practice: Explore poses that promote grounding and stability, whilst also boosting immunity, perfect for the autumnal shift.
  • Find peace amidst change: Discover practices that promote gratitude and acceptance during a time of natural transformation.
We will finish with time for tea and a healthy vegan friendly snack to share.

19th October 2024: 2-4.30pm: -Bedgrove

Our modern lifestyles are a pain – quite literally.

Many of us are at the mercy of our tech devices, not to mention the time we spend sitting down or driving cars.

Our lack of movement and our amazing ability to stay in one position for hours at a time is changing our posture and alignment.  On top of that, it is causing many of us:

  • lower back pain
  • neck and shoulder pain
  • fatigue and low mood
  • stiffness and inflexibility
In this workshop we will explore some cool yoga tools to help you improve your posture and dump the slump and in turn get rid of those aches and pains (and improve your posture).
Bonus: everyone will receive a gift voucher towards a private yoga session (valid for 6 months).


breathing workshop

November 16th 2024: 2-4.00pm: -Bedgrove

Everyone breathes right – it is one of the most natural and unnoticeable things we do every single day.

In fact we take about 20.000 breaths a day.

However, how we breathe can have a direct effect on both our physical and mental health.

This 2-hour workshop will help you explore how specific yoga breathing practices, asana (poses) and relaxation can help improve the quality of the breath and deepen your understanding of how better breathing has the power to help you manage stress and promote well-being.

We will look at:

  • physiology of the breath and how it impacts the nervous system
  • the benefits of improving our breath control
  • yoga pranayama (breathing exercises) to improve our quality of breath, beat stress 101 and boost our ability to regulate our nervous system.

Choose one for a friend or family member or get someone to treat you!  Gift vouchers from £5 upwards.  Redeemable towards a single private yoga class or a workshop.

Instructions on how to redeem vouchers are delivered at the same time as the voucher (which can be downloaded or emailed straight to the recipient).