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Yoga for Spring

Yoga For Spring

Yoga for Spring

According to Eastern medicine, spring is the time of year when the body naturally cleans out its system. In other words, it has an inner ‘detox.’

Did you know that it is not a good idea to detox in January?

We tend to look at January as the time for cleaning up our act.  The truth is, our bodies are not adept at doing this early on in the year.  You see in January, nature is hibernating and resting and we should be as well.

January is and should be a resting month

Have you ever wondered why many of us feel more tired and sluggish during the winter months?

The simple reason is we are doing the opposite.

Instead of resting and taking things easy, we are ‘burning the candle at both ends.’

  • Instead of going to bed when it gets dark, we turn the lights on and stay up.   
  • Instead of listening to that urge to rest, we are forcing ourselves to keep going. 

The truth is any dis-ease in the body and mind can be sourced back to not following the rules of nature.

We can help improve our health by simply following what is happening outside and adapting our yoga and lifestyle accordingly.

Want to dive deeper?  You can read more about supporting your health in spring here.

You might also be interested in my up-and-coming workshop; click on the image below for more details and how to book.👏👇


Yoga for supporting the energy of spring.

Spring is the season when nature starts to wake up and get going.

Nature is coming out of hibernation with a bang.

Our bodies are doing the same internally so it is the perfect time to clean up our diet and help the body get moving and grooving again.

Yoga for spring is all about easing out those aches and pains, whilst at the same time kickstarting your body’s cleansing and detox mechanisms – namely the lymphatic and digestive systems.

Yoga is not a magic bullet for detoxing but as a practice, it can really support and enhance the process.

Just for you, I have created a new yoga for spring practice that focuses on boosting the digestive and lymphatic systems and also takes you through an invigorating flow sequence.

This practice is 50 minutes long.  If you are looking shorter class (around 35 minutes) click here




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